Better Strategy Execution

Join the Better Strategy Execution Intensive
An in-depth 90-minute session on Strategy Execution with Dr. Marc Sniukas, 22-year strategy expert, book author, and executive educator.

  • WHEN: Wed 23 Aug 2023 – 4pm CET / 10am EST

  • WHERE: Zoom

  • WHO IS IT FOR: CEOs of mid-sized businesses (20-500 employees)

  • PARTICIPATION: 5-10 people

Your problem:

You know you need to work more strategically. You know it’s important.
But the Urgent always interferes with the Important and crowds it out.

And the problem gets compounded by:

  • Lack of alignment in the senior leadership team

  • A disconnect between strategy and execution

  • The fact that there is no clear list of actions

Put bluntly, there is a gap between Strategy and Execution.

👉 In this 90 minute Intensive, we’ll close the gap. 👈

You prioritize and solve your most critical issues, which keep you from achieving your ambitions. As a result, you won’t waste any more money on dealing with trivial problems.

Your outcome after 90 minutes:

A clear, customized plan of action for you on how to:

  • Execute on your strategic priorities

  • Avoid the Urgent crowding out the Important

  • Get everyone in the leadership team to pull in the same direction

Investment: 150.- Euro

Beware: This will be a lean-in event for you. Be prepared to brainstorm, think out loud, write things down, and put them to the test in front of peers who face the same challenges.

The Problem

I speak to many CEOs. Their main problem, as far as strategy is concerned? (Aside from not having one, that is.)It’s execution. Specifically, executing the strategy everyone agreed to.I’m sure you’re familiar with this: Executives conceive a strategy on a retreat. The priorities and KPIs are set. Everyone is pumped.And then, the day-to-day takes over again.The same urgent to-dos, the same fires to fight.In this whirlwind, the strategic initiatives often end up feeling like additional work. Rather than changing what you work on, you just grew your portfolio of spinning plates.

Why is that so?

That’s because of a fundamental misunderstanding of how strategy works. It’s the difference between Old School Strategy and what I call Better Strategy.Here’s a handy summary:

  • Financial targets and lofty vision statements

  • 3-5 year plans

  • Benchmarking, best practices, and following what competitors are doing

  • Done once a year at a fancy offsite

  • Think, then do

  • Working behind closed boardroom doors

  • Analytics and PowerPoint

  • Outsourced to “done-for-you” consultants

  • Focus on most critical challenges and highest-value opportunities

  • Which can be addressed in the next 12-18 months

  • Put innovation back into strategy

  • Always-on

  • Think while doing

  • Involve relevant stakeholders

  • Engage people in conversations

  • You take ownership and responsibility

How to Execute Strategy

To Activate Your Strategy, you need to work on seven areas:

  1. Involve & Engage: How and when should you involve your organization in the strategy process?

  2. Align: How will you align the activities throughout your organization to the overall strategy?

  3. Prioritize: What can be done within business as usual? What requires special initiatives?

  4. Enable & Support How are you going to support strategy execution?

  5. Evaluate: How are you evaluating the progress and results of your strategy? Is the strategy working or not?

  6. Orchestrate: How are you going to steer, manage, update your strategy?

  7. Open: Opening Up strategy: Open process, open content, open ended

These areas will be at the heart of our discussion. And unlike in other webinars and live sessions, in this one, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The agenda for our 90-minute session

Before we start, I’ll ask you to watch my recent LinkedIn Live Webinar, where I cover the Strategy Activation Framework. (If you accelerate it to 2x, it’ll take you 20 minutes). And in the run-up to the event, you’ll receive a template for your Strategy Activation Plan that I’ll ask you to have on your screen just before we start.During the session, we will help you customize this plan and make it your own. We will discuss your unique circumstances and collect advice from all participants on how to overcome the roadblocks in question.
We might not be able to discuss everyone’s challenges in every one of the 7 areas, but at least we can start a conversation and open new horizons, which you can then explore further and in more depth.
The results for you will be:

  • You’ll realize why past efforts to operationalize your strategy have failed

  • You’ll know which areas you need to focus on more

  • You’ll have the confidence in knowing how to get everyone pulling in the same direction

  • Your strategy work will not be an additional project, but will become part of the company’s DNA

Are you ready to Activate your Strategy?

Then sign up here.Don’t wait – we had 1,469 attendees at the last Live Event, and we have a cap of 10 participants at this event. (This is not some false scarcity, 10 is the absolute maximum so that everyone gets a chance to speak.)

I’m looking forward to seeing you inside!Let’s Make Better Strategy together!
– Marc

Who's Marc?

My name is Dr. Marc SniukasThroughout my career spanning more than two decades, I have collaborated with hundreds of CEOs, senior leaders, executive teams, and business owners across the world, catering to companies of all sizes and industries, helping them design and execute better strategies.Along the way, I learned that successful strategy is based on a few key principles, chief among them a structured process.In this webinar, I outline the exact approach I've used hundreds of times to execute strategies successfully.